Requesting Financial Statement and/or Additional Information

Requesting Financial Statement and/or Additional Information

Comment:  When a prospective customer is questionable or unknown, you must speak plainly, but in a courteous manner. In the case of a repeat customer who requests a noticeable increase in his order for merchandise, it is well to ask for a current financial statement to justify shipment. In the press of business, requests for credit information sometimes are blunt or brusque. Yet, as the following letters show, it always possible to say what you mean AND in a friendly tone-showing your customer you are earnestly trying to help.

Example 3

Your new order as usual, was immediately shipped, and we thank you for it.

The growth of your business pleases us greatly and we also want you to know how much we appreciate your continued interest in our (products/services_.

Due to the increased volume of your recent order, we ask that you send to us a current balance sheet or operating statement. The latest one we have is dated (date). This is a routine credit procedure for our company when noticeable increased orders are placed.

In the past, you have been most cooperative in providing us with necessary financial information so that we have been able to promptly meet your requirements. Therefore, we have no hesitation in asking you for this data.

We want to emphasize that your trust is us will be fully protected – and to our mutual advantage.

Example 3A

We very much appreciate the order you just sent us, and we are eager to add your name to our list of customers who receive open credit terms.

To do this we will need a complete (certified) financial statement. Since we have not been given complete credit information, we will appreciate your sending it direct to us. If you prefer, use the enclosed form. Any information you send us will, of course, be held in confidence.

Your prompt cooperation will enable us to get your shipment sent as quickly as possible.