Request for Check to Release Order

Request for Check to Release Order

Comment:  It is true that some customers will not pay invoices until they need new merchandise, or until some kind of pressure is applied to get them to pay. Sometimes a customer sends in an order for an amount, which is above that which you think he can easily pay, so you must write him for money – for a payment of current invoices. The temptation is to put it aside, but sooner or later, you must write. And while you are doing that, why not ask for another order? Perhaps these model letters will give you ideas on how to be firm, tactful, and respectfully aggressive in asking for more business.

Example 7

Thank you very much for the order you just sent us. We would like to ship it today, but we must have your help before we do.

Your last payment of $(   ) paid (invoice numbers). Now, and I’m sure you will agree, the condition of your account calls for a substantial payment before your new order is shipped.

Your account shows a past due balance of $(   ), dating back as far as (date of oldest invoice due) and running on through to the current invoice, which was due (date).

So we may process your order as quickly as possible, please send your check for $(   ) immediately.

Example 7A

Thank you for your order, which we have just received. We would like to send it immediately, but we are faced with a problem. Specifically, it’s your past due account.

It may be hard to believe, but it has been over three months since we shipped your last order – and we still haven’t received payment. This is a long time to wait for a check from a firm with your reputation.

Before you put this letter aside, won’t you please send a check for $(xxxx) covering your past due balance? Then we can ship your new order at once.

May we please hear from you soon?