Portfolio Management

Innovative resources for efficient, effective portfolio management.

MSCCM’s portfolio management services leverage advanced data analysis alongside Portfolio Alert and Scoring products to improve account insight and increase control. Together, these tools track rising risk and identify growth opportunities.

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Analyze your account portfolio (PDF). Capitalizing on complex economic conditions requires state-of-the-art risk management capabilities. BusinessIQ quickly and easily transforms your challenges into opportunities, preserves your time and resources, and maximizes your business potential.

Portfolio Alerts

Detect early signs of trouble within your account portfolio (PDF). Account Monitoring and Alerts proactively monitor your business-to-business (B2B) credit portfolio and track changes in your clients’ credit profiles. With these tools, you can optimize risk management, effectively allocate resources, improve cash flow, and build stronger customer relationships for enhanced profitability.

Portfolio Scoring

Credit risk evaluation of your customers (PDF). Coalesce your complete risk analysis process — from front-end inquiry to back-end account review — with Portfolio Scoring. Your entire portfolio is optimized with current, accurate credit data, legal and public information, and risk assessment scores from a suite of commercial credit evaluation models.


Automated scoring customized to your specific needs (PDF). DecisionIQ allows you to create templates, configure data elements, and develop custom, rules-based credit policy for automated decision making. Combined with data from Experian, DecisionIQ’s self-appointed rules offer unprecedented control for automating creditworthiness evaluations and decisions based on the customer attributes you value most.