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Portfolio Management Services provide control and insight into your accounts through advanced analysis tools when using the Portfolio Alerts and Scoring products. Together, they help discover rising risk as well as growth opportunities.

BusinessIQ—Analyze Your Account Portfolio (PDF)

Experian’s advanced Web-based portal can identify performance trends and monitor changes within your account portfolio, distinguish the businesses with the lowest to highest credit risk levels, and score batch or individual accounts as needed. You’ll know what necessary steps are required to keep up with your company’s cash flow demands.


Portfolio Alerts—Detect early signs of trouble within your account portfolio (PDF)

Being able to detect early signs of trouble within your customer base will help you stay on top of the game. The Alert Service scrutinizes your business accounts and provides both positive and negative notifications.   These notices could include bankruptcies, tax liens and judgments, increasingly late payments, collections, Uniform Commercial Code filings, and derogatory information from other suppliers.  The positive monitoring notifies you of improving payment trends, whenever liens, judgments, or collection accounts have been paid, and when other suppliers have increased your customers’ credit limits.

The monitoring of your accounts allows you to react quickly to potential dangers, maximize collection efforts, avoid potential losses, and provide up-sell opportunities.  You’ll have better control over your portfolio and collection efforts.


Portfolio Scoring—Credit risk evaluation of your customers (PDF)

Portfolio scoring is a quick and efficient method of evaluating the credit worthiness of your customers and trending patterns.  The scoring provides a Current Risk Score, Days Beyond Terms (DBT) With Suppliers, Total Trade Balance, Public Record Filings, Legal Balance, and Other Risk Factors. 

Your entire portfolio or a specific segment can be scored. High, medium & low risk accounts are pinpointed. Identity potential bad debt customers versus slow paying customers. Help your company increase sales and profits by providing your Sales Department with a list of your low risk customers. This is a great opportunity to cultivate more sales.

DecisionIQ—automated scoring customized to your specific needs(PDF)

DecisionIQ is a credit decisioning solution which enables businesses to automate their credit policy to save time, increase efficiencies, streamline processes, and document policies to comply with regulations. Better credit decisions will be made by combining risk and financial stability scores, analytics, and your own credit policies. 

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The trade group meetings give me a conduit with other like kind companies which may have the same customers. Knowing of trends, concerns or events that maybe going on in our business and customers helps me make better credit decisions.

— Glen Ross, Credit Manager, American Pride Coop