Black hourglass with white sand and money on wooden tableSlow-paying customers are not fun to deal with, and tracking them down is even less enjoyable. But to recoup what you’re rightfully owed, you’ve got to do so much more than send simple reminders or wait for them to be another month late before sending them to collections.

Working to receive these payments, of course, takes more of your time, and the hassle of nagging a client repeatedly will likely add stress to your life. While you realize those falling further and further behind are weighing on your daily sales outstanding (DSO) and consuming much of your precious time, hiring more support or working on the weekends isn’t the answer.

Outsource your 60- and 90-day receivables to a credit management firm like MSCCM. For much less than you would spend on a new hire or third-party collections, a credit management firm makes contact with slow-paying customers, establishes where you are in their payment cycles, facilitates payments, and identifies bad debt.

Getting in touch with slow-paying clients

Persistence is key! Contacting and communicating with your customer on a regular basis keeps you at the forefront of their minds. Uncovering disputes allows you to manage the relationship and come to a “win-win” resolution. Understanding your customer’s cash flow issues affords evaluation of future business. The question is: Do you have the time and workforce to be persistent?

Reducing DSO

DSO is critical to your company’s cash flow and a key indicator of your performance. More time spent focusing on current customers and your 30-day receivables drastically lowers your DSO. The feeling of “always playing catch up” occurs if you find you are chasing slow-paying customers. An outsourced project for your 60- and 90-day receivables frees up your time and improves your performance.

Past due stamp on a bill statement

Identifying bad debt

“The shrinking dollar” is a concept that defines the probability of full collection with relation to the length of delinquency. Basically, the longer you wait, the less likely you are to receive full payment. Identifying a potential bad debt at 60 days puts you in the driver’s seat and can help ensure full payment before your competitors. MSCCM and the Special Project team handles your customers with professionalism and care, identifies slow paying versus bad debt accounts, and facilitates payments. Free up your time and alleviate the stress!

Looking for help recouping accounts 60 days past due — or more? Contact the experts at Mountain States Commercial Credit Management at 800-457-8244 or send a request through our website to learn more about ways we can help.