Order: Asking Permission to Ship COD

Order: Asking Permission to Ship COD

Comment:  It may seem impossible to establish goodwill while refusing credit, but it CAN be done. At least you can be sure you will not create will with the following model letters. Even when you ask permission to ship COD, you can ask for it constructively … as a temporary measure until you are given a basis for open terms. And, in addition, when you tactfully indicate what you can do – ship on a COD basis – you have also told the reader what you can’t (or won’t) do – ship on credit terms. Anyone who is entitled to consideration from you will understand – if your tone is friendly and you show a sincere desire to be helpful.

Example 5

You want the order you just sent us, and we want to ship it to you as soon as possible.

But, we don’t have enough information to open your account with us. May we send your order COD this time? Please also send us a (certified) financial statement (or complete and return the enclosed credit application), so that by the time you order again, we’ll have your account set up so we can ship orders to you on open credit terms.

The moment we have your reply and permission to hip your order COD, it will be on its way to you.

Example 5A

Your order is greatly appreciated, and we’re anxious to send it to you as soon as possible.

But unfortunately, the information we have doesn’t provide a sufficient basis for extending credit just now. May we have your permission to ship this merchandise to you COD? Then you will have it right away … and by the next time you call on us, you can probably send us additional financial data, which will enable us to open an account for you. 

We’re sorry this delay is necessary, but the moment your reply is received, we’ll ship your order at once. So, may we hear from you soon?