Insufficient Funds Check

Insufficient Funds Check

Comment:  A returned check marked “insufficient funds” is nearly always as embarrassing to most customers. Frequently a customer tries to pay too many bills at one time. If the customer is notified in advanced and given a “face saving” out for the predicament, good will toward your company will be retained.

Example 8

The (name of customer’s bank) has returned your check for $(   ) unpaid and informed us that the check (date) cannot be honored.

Since there is always a possibility of a mistake or a misunderstanding, we have redeposited your check.

Please arrange for the check’s prompt clearance. If there is something, which we are not aware, we will be happy to have your comments so that we may continue to cooperate with you to the fullest.

Example 8A

Has a mistake been made? Your check for $(   ) (date) has been returned by your bank marked (“insufficient funds” or “no funds”).

Since there is the possibility of an error, we are redepositing your check. Please call your bank to make sure your balance is straightened out, and your fine reputation retained.