Inquiry for New Account

Inquiry for New Account

Comment:  When a letter is received from a new customer requesting credit, or a credit request is received with an order, or if just an order is received, your letter to the customer requesting credit information should welcome the customer and thank them for their inquiry and/or order. It should also explain your usually credit policy procedure, and it may ask for credit references or for a financial statement. Stimulate a prompt response by showing the custom that is to his interest to furnish the necessary information at once.

Example 1

We welcome your inquiry to open an account with our company.

As is customary, however, we will need some financial information.

Please send us, as soon as possible, a copy of your most recent certified financial statement or operating report, any trade references, and the name of your banker or banking facilities. Any other meaningful and pertinent data will also be appreciated. All this information will, of course, be kept in confidence.

We hope to be working with you often. Your prompt cooperation will enable us to serve you in a mutually beneficial relationship.

May we please hear from you soon?

Example 1A

Thank you for the opportunity to serve you. Your order has received our prompt attention and we are eager to expedite its shipment as soon as possible. New customers like you are responsible for our growth — and we never forget that fact.

Our policy with first time customers is to request the usual certified bank statements, references, and the name of your bank. This information will, of course, be kept in confidence. Our regular terms of 1% 10 days, Net 30, will begin immediately for you upon receipt and acceptance of the above data.

We hope this is the start of a long and mutually profitable relationship. Be assured of our utmost cooperation whenever we can be of service.