Industry Groups

Building success with peer-to-peer connections.

MSCCM’s Industry Credit Groups connect companies looking to optimize their credit efficiency and manage commercial credit risk through interaction with other credit professionals at in-person monthly meetings and through online polling channels. Membership benefits include commercial credit report pulls and other professional portfolio management resources.

Group Meetings

Industry Credit Groups meet monthly or bimonthly either virtually or in person. These groups are a professional opportunity to gather credit information on existing and potential clientele. An MSCCM representative is always in attendance to facilitate conversation and ensure adherence to professional and ethical standards. After each meeting, a client reference list is compiled and distributed to each attendee as another resource for commercial credit risk management.


MSCCM’s online forum allows industry group members to poll the credit group regarding a customer’s creditworthiness. Members can leverage our platform to gauge the overall performance of potential clients and periodically update their current customer base. The forum is monitored and facilitated by MSCCM professionals and provides another resource for timely updates on existing and potential clientele.

Credit Reports

As a benefit of membership, your company receives a credit which may be used for pulling credit reports and accessing the BusinessIQ platform. MSCCM offers an array of reports, account monitoring services, and other portfolio management resources. Both consumer and commercial credit reports are included with your membership.

According to our clients, the value of Industry Credit Groups lies in the opportunity to develop professional connections and share credit and customer information. Members receive accurate information, documentation, support, and other resources to facilitate informed decision making and improve commercial credit management. Participation is key. Contact us today to inquire about joining a MSCCM Industry Credit Group.

MSCCM Groups:

  • Construction Suppliers
  • Petroleum Marketers
  • Heating, Plumbing, Ventilation, & A/C Suppliers
  • Wholesale Roofing Suppliers
  • Irrigation & Landscaping Suppliers
  • Food Service Suppliers
MSCCM is always open to new Industry Credit Groups. Please contact us at 303-806-5300 with your suggestions or inquiries about a new credit group meeting for your industry, or email them to us at