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Industry Credit Meetings—how do they help you?

  • Just received a new credit app?
  • Are former customers knocking at your door asking for credit again?
  • Receiving slow payments or worst yet, none at all?
  • Had a request for a credit line increase?
  • Are your credit reference requests being ignored?
  • Dreading the meetings with Management or Owners to discuss your Account Receivables? 

What do you do? The monthly industry group meetings are a great avenue to find answers.

Knowing the payment history and other important elements of a business from suppliers within your own industry are a huge help in knowing what your next step should be. The groups are attended by credit professionals within the same field for a factual exchange of credit information on similar customers. The data exchanged is kept strictly confidential and within the Credit Department for evaluating credit risk. There are no group decisions made. The information is exchanged and then each attendee determines their own course of action.

Industry specific issues and topics are also discussed to learn about new solutions, ideas, and technology.

A representative from Mountain States Commercial Credit Management attends each meeting to prevent antitrust violations and to ensure the meetings are conducted professionally.

Benefits of attending monthly credit meetings are:

  • Receive current credit information on the accounts within your industry.
  • Learn what information is missing from your customer’s credit history.
  • Become aware of critical customer changes to help minimize credit risk and loss.
  • Better management of accounts that are considered high risk.
  • Establish business relationships with other knowledgeable credit professionals.
  • Share answers and solutions to your credit management concerns.

MSCCM Groups:

  • Colorado Construction Suppliers
  • Colorado Springs Construction Suppliers
  • Food Services Suppliers
  • Heating & A/C Suppliers
  • Irrigation & Landscape Suppliers
  • Northern Colorado Construction Suppliers
  • Petroleum Marketers
  • Wholesale Plumbing Suppliers
  • Wholesale Roofing Suppliers

Mountain States Commercial Credit Management is always open to starting new groups. Please contact us at 303.806.5300 or email us at info@msccm.com if you would like a meeting for your specific industry.

Random Quote

As the Credit Manager for a construction equipment and supplies dealer I depend on accurate information, documentation and support to make decisions in this ever changing business climate. MSCCM provides these services and more. Industry group meetings, credit reports, legal advice and third party collections are all provided in a very prompt and professional manner. I am fortunate to have Tom, Toni and the entire staff of MSCCM on my team.

— Ward Williams, Division Credit Manager, Bobcat of the Rockies, LLC