Business People Joining Hands Showing TeamworkDo you ever find yourself with no one to turn to when asking credit-related questions? Do you wish you had someone with whom to discuss credit lending ideas? Do you find yourself wishing you had a direct helpline to a collections professional?

You’re in luck! The experts at Mountain States Commercial Credit Management (MSCCM) host industry-specific, monthly meetings to give credit professionals a place to find answers and offer support for credit-related issues. These monthly meetings offer the chance to connect with other credit professionals in specific industries with the opportunity to learn more about how others handle similar situations for a factual and helpful information flow. Everything exchanged in the meeting is strictly confidential, and an MSCCM representative partakes in every meeting to answer questions from a credit management agency perspective and ensures the meetings remain productive and professional.

The professionals at MSCCM segment the monthly industry credit group meetings based on industry to ensure they are valuable and relatable to all participants. In addition to group discussion and questions, they also address industry-specific subjects to help attendees stay abreast of trends, new technologies, and information pertinent to each group. MSCCM offers monthly meetings for those in the following industries:

  • Colorado Construction Suppliers
  • Colorado Springs Construction Suppliers
  • Food Services Suppliers
  • Heating and Air Conditioning Suppliers
  • Irrigation and Landscape Suppliers
  • Northern Colorado Construction Suppliers
  • Petroleum Marketers
  • Wholesale Plumbing Suppliers
  • Wholesale Roofing Suppliers
  • Media and Advertising
  • Sports Apparel
  • Veterinary Supplies

Many leading credit professionals in the above industries already attend these meetings. If you haven’t joined us yet, you’re missing out! Attendees have found the meetings beneficial for sharing credit information about accounts within their specific industries. They also have the chance to learn more about what is missing from a customer or potential customer’s credit file and take in important information about customers they can use to reduce credit risk. The information flow is honest and can be a helpful, worthwhile use of your time.

These meetings have helped attendees develop working relationships and network with other credit professionals in their industries. The experts at MSCCM specifically created them to give credit professionals a safe and helpful place to ask questions, share experiences, and help create solutions to credit management concerns in each industry. Furthermore, many have reported these meetings have been beneficial for their overall credit collections success. The information attendees share has given credit professionals viable avenues to address past-due accounts and to protect their businesses from credit risks. Learn and grow your business practices to ensure your credit management strategies are up-to-date and effective. Join the conversation, and attend the next meeting in your industry!

Would you like to join one of our monthly industry credit meetings? Not seeing your industry or a group specific to your needs? Mountain States Commercial Credit Management professionals would love to have you join us in our next meeting — and we’re always open to starting new groups if we don’t have what you’re looking for! Contact us at 800-457-8244 or send a request through our website to get involved or learn about other ways we can help you with your credit management needs.