Friendly Payment Request

Friendly Payment Request

Comment:  All variations of the “reminder letter” say about the same thing — “We want your check!” But some say it in a friendly ton — the tone that gets the best results. If the “reminder letter” is just that, and nothing else, it will show consideration and reasonableness, which could not offend even the touchiest customer.

Example 10

Occasionally, almost anyone of us is likely to need a friendly reminder to do something we had already intended to do — but just forgot.

That’s why we are writing to you — to remind you that under the terms of our sale, the amount shown on the enclosed statement (or above) is now past due.

We’ll appreciate your check, now.

Example 10A

Just a friendly reminder, but …


No doubt at one time or another, we’ve all had occasion to be thankful for being reminded of something we’ve overlooked.

This letter is a friendly “tap on the shoulder” to remind you of your unpaid account of $(   ). You check, as yet, has not arrived. We know you’ll appreciate being reminded.

Just put your check in the return addressed envelope and please mail it today. Then we can both for the matter.