Final Appeal Collection Letter

Final Appeal Collection Letter

Comment:  In a “final” good will collection letter, one effective appeal is to the customer’s sense of fairness. Emphasize that you have delivered satisfactory goods or services. At times, you may wish to imply that the customer has not treated you fairly, and, in justice, the customer should pay promptly and amicably. Of course it is always wise to explain how the customer benefits by paying the bill. Such appeals can be on the basis that one’s credit reputation will be retained, that the customer really wants to be honored, or that future relations will continue to be mutually profitable.

Example 11

You have probably been through this same situation yourself.

After you have asked for a check many times (as we have done in your case), you wonder just how to ask one more time so that it will do the job of getting a prompt payment for past-due balances.

That’s the predicament we’re in now. We value you as a customer. But we also need money to operate so that we can continue to be of service to your customers.

Perhaps if we are direct; maybe if we simply ask “how about it?”, you will get that check in the mail to us immediately — before something else turns up that will take your mind off your account.

Example 11A

Our past experience has convinced us that a “final appeal” collection should be brief, friendly, and above all, SUCCESSFUL!

As you can see this letter is brief, and it is sent in a friendly attitude (we wish to retain your goodwill). Its success will be determined by your sense of fairness and prompt payment.

So, please send us your long over-due check for $(   ).