Data Contribution

Minimize your credit risk by reporting your commercial accounts receivable data.

Risk is an inherent part of doing business. By reporting your commercial accounts receivable data to the Experian and Equifax databases, you can minimize late payments or defaults in your account base. Companies are increasingly aware of the role creditworthiness plays in receiving business loans and commercial credit from suppliers and financial institutions.

Your information is confidential.

MSCCM, Experian, and Equifax maintain strict confidentiality standards to control access, verify the integrity of new data, and secure its privacy. Your company name is not revealed to other users when they access business products and client reports.

What are the benefits of contributing your data?

  • Customer satisfaction. Good credit is a valuable business asset. Reporting rewards customers for prompt payment and conscientious account management.
  • Growth. Sharing your clients’ experience with the commercial credit community boosts their growth and yours.
  • Customer accountability. Reporting decreases the risk of clients defaulting on their debt because it will potentially inhibit their ability to obtain credit elsewhere.
  • Product discounts and incentives. Contributors may be eligible for discounts on other commercial credit risk management solutions.

How secure is commercial credit data reporting?

MSCCM and its commercial credit reporting partners maintain strict confidentiality standards designed to limit access to data, verify the integrity of new information, and secure your privacy. We use the most sophisticated security methods available to safeguard your data, so you can share information with confidence, secure in the knowledge that MSCCM protects:

  • Company names. Credit reports list contributing reporters by industry type rather than company name. Your name will never be revealed without your permission.
  • Marketing lists. Competitors cannot, under any circumstances, access or derive information regarding your customer list.
  • Data integrity. Reports are verified for accuracy by a data reporter prior to loading.
  • Access. The data you report is not publicly shared nor can it be searched by creditors.

Is reporting difficult?

Contributing data is simple and secure, and MSCCM makes it even easier. We collaborate with Experian and Equifax to report your data for you or provide you with secure access. It’s as simple as:

  • Exporting your data into a TXT, CSV, or XLS file.
  • Uploading your data to MSCCM or directly to our credit reporting partners.
  • Updating your data monthly.

If you already report to another bureau or third-party vendor, we often use the same data format.

Start contributing today to experience the significant competitive advantage of working with MSCCM. Contact us for more details.