Credit Reports

Secure and reliable commercial credit reports at your fingertips.

MSCCM offers a wide array of credit reports to satisfy all your portfolio management needs. Reports are available online in a matter of seconds. With Experian and Equifax, MSCCM provides comprehensive business credit information on more than 24 million companies. Each report includes predictive credit risk scores based on:

  • Trade credit history
  • Public record filings
  • Banking and leasing payment history

Consumer and commercial blended reports offer a more complete picture of potential credit risk. MSCCM provides valuable resources for monitoring and managing your account portfolio to stop losses and improve cash flow.

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Experian Premier Profile Report

Explore new growth opportunities while navigating risk (PDF). The BusinessIQ Premier Profile is our most comprehensive report offering. It delivers a superior level of customer information to allow for a quick and precise determination of creditworthiness. “Quick glimpse” views combine with comprehensive details to provide a complete picture of business payment performance, public record history, and company background. Download a sample report (PDF).

Experian Business Profile Report

The Business Profile report provides a current, objective picture of how a business manages its financial obligations. Available with Intelliscore Plus scores, this report includes detailed trade and background information critical for assessing a company’s creditworthiness. Download a sample report (PDF).

Experian Intelliscore Plus Report

Fast, intelligent, effective risk management (PDF). This predictive report uses advanced statistical and data analysis, including tradeline and collections, recent credit inquiries, public record filings, new account activity, and other performance indicators to calculate a risk score. Available as commercial only, or blended with business owner data, this breakthrough report provides significant score performance insight for more accurate and timely decisions. Download a sample report (PDF).

Experian Business Owner Profile Report

Make sound credit decisions about small-business owners (PDF). Assess small business credit risk with confidence with our Business Owner Profile report. This report uses consumer data regarding the business owner or guarantor and is geared toward data evaluation from a business perspective. Use this report to avoid the high commercial credit risk associated with small businesses, identify creditworthy clients, and build your clientele. Download a sample report (PDF).

International Reports

International credit reports are essential in today’s global economy. MSCCM provides both online and developed reports from a variety of global data sources. Reports are provided in English with an easy-to-read format and include details regarding business background, company structure, key personnel, financial assets, and liabilities.

Equifax Business Credit Industry Report Plus

This report summarizes key business information and categorizes tradeline data by grantor industry or financial product type. It contains expanded summary level metrics and detailed payment history for both trade and service (i.e., non-financial) accounts and banking and leasing (i.e., financial) accounts. Public records, firmographics, and listings for related businesses are also included. Download a sample report (PDF).

Equifax Commercial Credit Report

The Commercial Credit report is a comprehensive picture of a potential client’s creditworthiness. It includes a business profile, public records, and historical payment data from financial institutions and non-financial suppliers. This information is vital for determining payment capacity, business viability, and risk potential.

Equifax Business Principal Report

Accessing business payment history and the business owner’s personal credit information, this report provides you the necessary information for confident, comprehensive business decisions. Data includes bank and lease payment information, trade receivable history, and personal credit information regarding the business owner or personal guarantor. Download a sample report (PDF).

Equifax Canadian Reports

Receive reliable, secure commercial credit information on Canadian companies with the Canadian Business Credit Report (PDF). These reports are available instantly online and include payment performance scores and trends, credit risk scores, and other key data for fast and reliable analysis of creditworthiness for both prospective and existing clientele.