Credit Inquiry Letter: New Customer

Credit Inquiry Letter: New Customer

Comment:  Good credit arrangements, with clear understanding on both sides, should be made as soon as possible with a first order from a new customer. New accounts can sometimes pose a credit problem. For example, the salesperson does not send sufficient information with the first order, or the customer neglects to do so. The need for finesse is great, since the new customer may turn out to be a valued customer. Investigating new accounts has been simplified during recent years. However, it is often necessary for the credit manager to personally carry through credit checking to add information to that received from usual sources. And it must be done tactfully!

Example 2

We welcome the opportunity to serve you as a new customer and appreciate your recent order.

To give you the best possible service, we have started a customary credit file. However, the information so far received through the usual sources is not adequate or up to date. Since you no doubt will want to receive shipments on open account, we are certain that you will be happy to assist us in establishing your credit file on that basis.

We are enclosing a simple statement form; please complete and return it in the addressed envelope. This will assure us of receiving your reply immediately, enable us to complete our file, and process your order for immediate shipment.

Thank you for your interest in our company; we assure you that any information you provide will be held in confidence.

Example 2A

Our salesperson, (name of salesperson) has just given us the good news — that you are interested in opening an account with us, and that you have given (him/her) your first order for (product/services).

We want to open your account immediately — and ship your order, too — but we have not been able to obtain sufficient credit information through our regular sources. Anyway, we would much rather this information cam direct from you, so please fill in the enclosed form and return to us immediately.

Your order will be shipped just as soon as your information gives us clearance. We hope you will both enjoy a long and pleasant business relationship.