Commercial Collection Rates

Commission Schedule

All fees are contingent upon collection.

  • 20% of total collected after first $300
    • First $300 charged at 50%
  • Preferred fees available for volume placements
  • 50% of total collected for claims older than one (1) year, those regarding out-of-business debtors, and/or second placements
  • Fees are half our standard rate for claims involving merchandise returns or the location of previous payments
  • 35% of total collected for attorney placement
  • Standard fees apply for Canadian claims
  • 50% of total collected for other International claims
  • Commercial accounts are reported (at your choice) to Experian Business Credit at no additional cost to you

MSCCM is authorized to accept payment and deposit funds into trust, whether payable to you or us, and select an attorney if warranted. No legal action will be filed without your authorization. If legal proceedings are approved, there will be additional charges for court costs and suit fees. In most cases, all collection fees will not exceed 35%.