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Mountain States Commercial Credit Management – elevated credit and collection services since 1988. Call us to improve your cash flow.    800-457-8244

Commission Schedule

Commercial Rates


First $300 = 50%
Excess of $300 = 20%


Preferred fees are available for volume placements.

• Claims over one (1) year old, out of business, or second placements, are 50%.
• Merchandise Returns, or locating previous payments, are ½ our normal fee.
• Legal attorney placement is 35%
• Canada is standard rate.
• Foreign claims are 50%.

All fees are contingent upon collection.

We are authorized to accept payment and deposit funds into trust whether payable to you or us, and select an attorney if warranted. No legal action will be filed without your authorization. If legal proceedings are approved, there will be additional charges for court costs and suit fees. In most cases, all collection fees will not exceed 35%.

Commercial accounts are reported to Experian Business Credit.

Pre-Collection Letters

Pre-Collection letters are $3.00 per letter.

Designed to allow you to use MSCCM’s influence to dun your customer. If the debtor fails to respond to the letters, you have identified a potential collection problem at an early stage. Appropriate action can then be taken to protect your company’s asset.

Random Quote

We have tried other agencies and when it comes to performance, Mt States Commercial Credit Management is without peers. One aspect that we’ve been especially pleased with is their ability to recover our delinquent accounts. Recovery of these funds has consistently lowered our overall bad debt year after year.

— Sheila Ewertz, Director of Finance, Publication Printers Corp.