Every new year brings new commercial credit trends and concerns. Now, with 2022 well and truly underway, it’s a good time to examine what the industry faces moving into the rest of the year. From digitization to fraud, what should you look out for in the B2B payment world in the second half of 2022?

Digital payments and check decline

Following the trends of 2020 and 2021, checks are on the decline. With the popularity of card payments, pay-over-time services, and instant disbursements, new technology is quickly and effectively stamping out checks for good. Digital payments are preferred by most vendors and creditors. A growing focus on remote payment methods and maximizing efficiency means growing popularity for digital payment processing — and increasing obscurity for traditional paper methods. Today, shifting to digital systems is not only smart, it’s downright necessary.


On the subject of digital payments, we can’t ignore the rising popularity of cryptocurrency. From bitcoin to dogecoin, crypto is on the rise. But while the use of cryptocurrency is increasingly popular among individuals, it’s worth noting that the variable value of each currency makes for a tumultuous system. Right now, cryptocurrency is too changeable and uncertain for reliable use in B2B payments. The consensus, according to investing.com, is cryptocurrency is too new — and lacking the necessary regulatory framework — for use in B2B transactions. While it’s too early to start adapting it for widespread use, it’s a good idea to keep an eye on crypto trends.


All good things seem to come with a corresponding crime, and digital payments are no exception. When conducting any kind of remote transaction, there is an inherent uncertainty about the identity of the party on the other end. Face-to-face transactions are increasingly unpopular, so opportunities for fraudulent interactions are growing.

The best defense against payment fraud is research. It’s nearly impossible to defend against fraud without a clear understanding of how it works and what risks are inherent in each particular transaction. Moving into the rest of the year, keep an eye on the news regarding B2B credit fraud, and read up on the subject. In this situation, knowledge truly is power.

We’re halfway through 2022. Keep an eye on these payment trends and concerns in the coming months, and remember, when in doubt, seek advice from commercial credit professionals.

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